Creative Counselling - Pip Willimott Counselling

Face to face and online; short or long term counselling



Because you matter

You may feel ‘stuck’ and are not sure of how to resolve this on your own or you may be feeling low, anxious, stressed, unmotivated, have a lack of direction, experiencing panic attacks, nightmares. These may leave you struggling with day-to-day tasks, work life balance, love, self-esteem, self-compassion, unable to trust others, problems in relationships and self-harm. Causes of these may be grief, separation, bullying, serious illness, abuse, domestic violence, neglect, abandonment, childhood trauma or PTSD.
Would you like help to work through feelings and make sense of them, change patterns of behaviours, focus on you, and bring about positive change? Perhaps you’d like to feel heard, safe, accepted, and not judged.


Working outside of the box

I will work alongside you to make sense of situations/experiences, difficulties, and life challenges that have brought you to therapy to help improve your life positively. I specialise in helping people become self-aware, confident, and empower themselves. This journey will help you to understand yourself, be in control of ‘you’ and make the right choices for ‘you’, increase your self-worth and trust in yourself.  
By working outside of the box, I use various therapeutic techniques to benefit you. The therapy will be planned around your needs and how you work best. I will bring creative techniques into sessions (this doesn’t mean you have to be creative). We can discuss this as we go along.
I offer a private, quiet, safe space for you to work at your own pace and talk openly, showing warmth, empathy, and having a sense of humour, I'd like to think that I come across as an approachable person where you will feel safe, heard, accepted, not judged, and feel fully understood.
I have 24 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and adults, supporting, teaching, and motivating them.



Get the most out of life

The counselling relationship is highly important in the therapeutic journey.
You are unique, your therapy plan is solely yours. We will identify the main issues that you are dealing with the most and work collaboratively to plan the therapy and best route for you, you can choose your goals to work towards; this/these can be changed at any point. Working towards these goals will help you feel more connected with yourself, you will be able to make better choices with confidence, which will give you a direction to a happier positive life. 
We will work in a safe, confidential environment where we will build a trusting relationship for you to feel comfortable to talk.  We will work at your pace to explore and understand your feelings until you feel ready to continue your journey on your own. 
We will work weekly, and face to face or online which can be short term or long term.


‘Life is a journey, not a destination.’

Ralph Waldo Emerson