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Reiki in Acle, Norfolk
(pronounced ‘ray-key’) translated means ‘universal energy’

What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a simple Japanese energy-balancing method that is used by people all over the world. It is most well known as hands on healing. It is gentle and a safe form of energy work that can benefit anyone at any time of their life (babies, teenagers, adults and the elderly) or state of health, and beneficial changes can take place over a fairly short time. It is a safe and non-intrusive treatment. 

The reiki healer is a channel for the Reiki energy, directing the energy via their hands. Reiki assists at every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It assists the bodies natural healing powers, working with the its own healing process, helping restore balance, harmony and well-being whilst promoting health, healing and wholeness. 

 Reiki also aligns the chakras (wheels of moving energy) and removes blockages so that energy can flow freely through the body which helps the client to heal themselves.  Every day stress can disrupt our energies, resulting in them not flowing as well as they should and eventually becoming blocked if not treated. Blockages can cause illness, emotional problems and even disease. 

Benefits of Reiki:
• Deep relaxation, eases tension, reduces pain 
• Reduces stress, grief and anxiety 
• Boosts energy levels 
• A feeling of inner calm, contentment and serenity
• Speeds up the natural healing process 

Promotes balance to all levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
• Aligns, clears and balances chakra energy centres
• Releases energy blockages, toxins or impurities
• Makes you feel more positive, confident and better able to cope 
• Helps you to deal better with stressful people and difficult situations 
• Helps to develop a strong sense of purpose and clear thinking 
• Activates your body’s natural ability to heal 
• Helps you to enjoy a better quality of life  

Reiki can help: 
• When you experience challenges in life 
• With emotional healing after therapy 
• Relaxation and improve sleep
• Acute/chronic pain
• Headaches 
• Allergies 
• Arthritis 
• Cancer patients 
• Detox the body 
• With emotional issues
• Traumas

I recommend that three sessions over three weeks to get the full benefit of Reiki then we can discuss further treatments from there.
I must reinforce that Reiki DOES NOT replace conventional medicine but can work very well alongside it.

giving reiki

Giving Reiki

The Reiki healer is a channel for the Reiki energy, directing the energy via their hands. I very rarely lay my hands on the actual body, I tend to work more in the aura.
Reiki is given to different parts of the body, the healer will use their intuition and work on areas where the Reiki is needed. However, Reiki will always go to where it is needed the most and most importantly it can never hurt you. 
You may feel heat, tingling or cold from the healers hands. You may feeling an unpainful throbbing or movement up limbs; that is all perfectly normal, it's just energy shifting or waking up. 
It's important to ground yourself, if you are not grounded you may feel floaty - head in the clouds feeling. During Reiki, the intention is to ground you down - back to reality. 
Reiki may release old emotions, this is a good thing, it's not good to store negative emotions as they can lead to problems with health.
You may feel you have more vitality after Reiki, sometimes you can feel really tired. Listen to what your body is telling you, it may take a day or two after to calm.  

chakras and auras

The Aura

Reiki can be given in the aura (which is how I mostly tend to give Reiki). This means that the body isn't being touched. Everyone has an aura around them. An example of auras are when you can walk into a room and detect the mood of people as soon as you walk in, it may have a happy feel about it or you may detect a negative feeling. 
Auras can be blocked, dense, have a hole in them, too loose or normal flowing.  I use my hands to determine on how your aura is. 
If it's too dense, my hands may not move through it freely, it can also mean that you are very defensive and have a strong guard up, not letting anyone in. 
If it has a hole in it, I can seal it up which stops negative energies entering it and your energy leaking out of it.
If it's flowing too freely, I can slow it down which will stop others walking over you and just coming into your aura, giving you a little more defense.

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"My recent experience of Reiki with Phillippa was very enlightening and left me feeling at peace with myself for the first time in months." Lesley

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