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Crystal Healing in Acle, Norfolk

Crystals have been used in healing around the world since early civilisation. 

‘Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation’, Nicola Tesla. 

Crystals are powerful healing tools that will help you to boost your own natural healing power, improve health and well-being. Since recorded history, civilisations have admired and used crystals within their everyday life. As far back as 5000 BC the early Sumerians used obsidian and carnelian to make beads. They also used lapis lazuli, carnelian and gold to make jewellery and amulets, which were worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits and for protection. 

Egyptians use crystals extensively within the making of jewellery. The Greeks believed clear Quartz Crystal was a special ice, the word ‘crystal’ is Greek for ‘ice’. They believed crystals were a gift from the gods. Native Americans used crystals as talismans and for carvings of images of the myths, they weaved shaped crystals into dream catchers believing to ward off bad dreams, many tribes wore crystal beads in their hair. 

How can crystals help? 

Crystals are formed by natural alignments of minerals over time. The formation or lattice is structured in such a way that an energy field is created in and around every crystal and they all have different uses. Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency that can create balance, a sense of well-being and encourage good health. When crystals are placed around the home or worn as necklaces or bracelets they will be directly in your aura and immersed in your own energy field. Lots of people put crystals into their pockets, or underneath the pillows, to help within their daily life. Wearing crystals is extremely helpful, especially in the throat and heart areas, crystals can accelerate the energy. 
It has become widely known that crystals have powerful healing abilities and can be beneficial when treating the mind, body and spirit. Crystal healing is a holistic treatment, restoring balance and health on all levels; physical, spiritual and emotional. Crystals can be incorporated into the Reiki treatment, enhancing the treatment to provide a powerful, yet peaceful and relaxing experience.

Crystal healing is one of the most effective ways to realign the entire energy system; it will help to repair and strengthen areas of imbalance or disease in all the bodies, physical, spiritual and emotional. Crystal healing and Reiki are used to balance the chakras and ensure that energy is flowing through the body properly.

Benefits of crystal healing (physical benefits):

• Colds and flu
• Headaches 
• Aches and pains 
• Digestive problems 
• Skin conditions
• Asthma
• Menstruation/menstrual conditions 
• Constipation Mental benefits 
• Releases anxiety and stress
• Eases mental tiredness 
• Lifts feelings of depression, despondency and desperation
• Provides a sense of peace and tranquility 
• Provide support during times of grief 

Subtle benefits: 
• Balances the chakras 
• Provides a general feeling of having been healed 
• Releases any stagnant negative energies 
• Helps to develop your spirituality and helps to find your true life purpose 

What to expect from a crystal healing treatment? 

Crystal healing can heal on its own or in conjunction with other healing methods such as Reiki. It is a non-intrusive treatment and uses as a holistic approach to healing. During the treatment crystals will be placed around and on the body usually pointing to the area most affected. Healers can help bring subtle changes into lives, to help with emotional or physical pain. The treatment is very relaxing, it may make you feel sleepy and give you an altered state of consciousness, you may feel changes and sensations, this is completely normal. It is advised to drink water regularly afterwards. It’s beneficial to have at least three treatments of crystal healing, no more than a month apart. 

Who can have crystal therapy? 

Crystal healing has become increasingly popular over recent years, due to the increase in stress related illnesses. A safe treatment plan is agreed with the client, taking into consideration their specific needs and desired outcomes from the treatment. During the consultation I will decide if any considerations need to be made to any contraindications present. For conditions such as cancer, mental health, pregnancy, epilepsy and pacemakers permission may be needed from your GP or consultant to allow the treatment to go ahead. All adults, children are very responsive to crystal therapy, however, it’s not suitable for babies or restless children.

quartz crystal


My master healing crystal is quartz. This crystal has the highest vibration/frequency and is the most powerful. I tend to use this also on the crown chakra.



Flourite made up of purples and greens and can be transparent. Known as the 'Genius stone'. It supports spirituality and thought, focus and concentration, and balance in all aspects of one's life.

citrine crystal


Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self expression. It can raise self-esteem and self-confidence. I may use this crystal on the solar plexus chakra.

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